Kalong island

Kalong Island is a small exotic island in Komodo National Park area. Dense of mangrove forest nest for thousands of bat birds & best place for sunset

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Kalong Island


Kalong Island is located in Komodo National Park west of Flores island, precisely between Rinca island and Papagarang island, and its take two and half hours sailing by boat from Labuan Bajo. This island has an area of 196,8 hectares with a 5,28 km coastline. The mainland of the island is dominated by hills and two-thirds of the coastline is covered with mangrove trees with a height of 3-5 meters.


As the name implies this island is known as a home for millions of giant bat birds, or the local people call it bats. The lush and dense mangrove forest is a comfortable nesting place for these animals. Stunning view can be seen in the late afternoon as they fly through the forest to find food. The characteristics of this island are unique and small, surrounded by oceans and small islands that are truly amazing.

What activities can be done here?

You will enjoy millions of bats flying around you and hanging from the trees in the afternoon from the boat. Not only that, when the sun goes down you will also be entertained by enjoying the enchanting sunset atmosphere while seeing bats flying around looking for food.


Of course, you are very curious and can’t wait to see the beauty of the islands in the enchanting Komodo National Park. But first you have to order the boat that you will use to visit the island of Kalong. You can use the service of komodotourboat.com as one of the best boat charter agency in Labuan Bajo. Don’t forget to bring the camera, change of clothing, sunglass, sunblock, phone charger, mosquito repellent ctc.


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