Sebayur island

Best snorkeling and scuba diving spot in Komodo National Park. There are three well- known dive site namely crystal Rock, Castle rock and Batu Bolong.

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Sebayur Island - Komodo - Labuan Bajo


Sebayur Island is located close to the Rinca of Island, only 30 minutes to get there by speed boat and from Labuan Bajo port, its takes two hours by boat. Sebayur Island is famous for its water activities as the best diving and snorkeling spots, from several famous tourist objects in Komodo National Park.


Sebayur Island is a small island with an area of 125 hectares, surrounded by white sand beaches and combination of savanna hills and greenish shady trees. An amazing under water marine life is the uniqueness of this island. There is a wooden style lodging hut, namely Komodo Resort and diving camp for international PADI dive and prepare the facilities of scuba and snorkeling. There are several of famous dive point such as Crystal rock, Castle rock and Batu Bolong.

What activities can be done here?

You can enjoy the snorkeling and diving here. Besides that you also can make a short trekking to the top of hill to enjoy the stunning view of the islands and beaches from above. Or you can do swimming and sunbathing and playing on the white sand beaches while take photos to capture your best moment.


You must order the local boat in Labuan Labuan Bajo to take you there. You can use the services of as a boat charter operator in Labuan Bajo. Therefore, you prepare your travel plans in advance to make it easier for  you to determine the choice of tour package.




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