Namo beach

Namo beach is one of the pink beach which is located in Komodo National Park area. From Labuan Bajo west of flores its take two hours by boat.

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Namo Beach - Komodo Beach - Labuan Bajo


Namo beach is located in Komodo Island, west of Flores, is one of the pink sand beaches of the other pink sand beaches in the komodo national park area.  The distance is not so far from Komodo village. But this beach is not very well known and only a few people know about it and the visitors are still quiet.


The view of Namo beach is no less amazing than other pink beach in Komodo National park. Even the pink on this beach is lighter than the others and the sand is very fine. This beach is surrounded by savanna hills, and the corals are still natural and untouched. You will see a wonderful variety of colorful fish. Many small deer come to this beach, but unfortunately there is lot of trash washed up by the waves. This beach looks neglected, because there are no officers who manage this beach. Hope that in the future this beach will always be considered and maintained, so that it can be included in the list of preferred destinations.

What activities can be done here?

The activities that can be done here are snorkeling and swimming. You also can relax on the beach or playing along the beach, sunbathing while take photos to capture your best moment.


To tget this place you need to prepare a comfortable boat because the journey is quite far. You can use the services of as operator providing boat rental in Labuan Bajo. Make your travel plan package and other personal items such as: change of clothes, hat, sunglass, sunblock, camera, phone charger, mosquito repellent etc.


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