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General requirement regarding important terms and conditions in terms of chartering boats to sail to komodo island and its surroundings

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We are a boat charter agency in Labuan Bajo, which collaborates with some of the best selected boats to sail to Komodo National Park and its surroundings. All vessels registered with the KTB CRUISING management are the best choice and have agreed upon mutual agreements to entrust KTB Cruising management as the boat’s sales and marketing agent. Therefore some of the terms and conditions bellow are only general requirements issued by the management of KTB Cruising itself.


Please inform us in advance about your itinerary such as : date of departure, number of participants, boat availability, the type of boat to be used, price, etc. We will determine which boat will be available according to your request.


Please make your reservation in advance at least one month before the time of departure and for booking one or two days before departure we will try if there is still a boat available which according to your order. We will accept your booking through our reservation if the agreement of both parties is valid.


We will not confirm your booking before making a payment. Make all the payment in advance or down payment of at least 50% of the total payment. And the rest payment will be pay in two weeks before day of departure. Payment is made through the payment account system that we have provided and you are required to send us a proof of delivery attachment.


After we receive your payment and attached proof of payment, then we will immediately confirm to you by email. We will send you an invoice/billing for the remainder of the rest payment and proof of repayment if you have paid in full.


We do not recommend that you cancel the trip, and if you are forced to cancel it unilaterally for reasons made by yourself and or without prior notice, your money is considered forfeited or non-refundable. but we invite you to consider and reschedule your trip. Except reason of general or national nature that have been determined by goverment for a holiday ban,for example natural disaster,wars,epidemic,political tensions,will be weighed fairly and wisely.


According to our boat inspection result in directly, all boat are in good condition and work well such as : AC, engine, toilet, water supply, room etc. And if during the trip there is a technical error whether intentionally or not, it will be the responsibility of the boats officer and beyond our control. Therefore, you have the right to file a complaint to the boat officers to be repaired immediately.


In case of bad weather or force majors, and for safety the captain has the right to cancel the voyage, and may decide to visit only the nearest convenient places. And if on the way the boat’s engine suddenly breaks down the technician will check the form of the damage, if the damage is severe and takes a very long time or more than 3 hours, then we will replace it with another suitable vessel.


All boats do not cover both accident and death insurance. But we suggest you to create your own travel insurance for the convenience of your trip.

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