Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the main gate toward Flores, Komodo National Park and other islands around. The city is located in West of Manggarai Flores island.

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Labuan Bajo Main Gate to Komodo IslandLabuan Bajo is located in West of Manggarai district  Flores, East Nusa Tenggara province. Labuan Bajo city is right on the coastal sea and it's the capital of west Manggarai Regency. West Manggarai Regency which is the  capital is Labuan Bajo was inaugurated by government in January 27 2003. The area of west manggarai regency is 9.450 km2 and territory includes west Manggarai land, Labuan Bajo, Komodo island, Rinca Island, Selayar island, Sebayur island, Padar island, Siaba island and several other small island. Labuan Bajo is the main gate toward Flores, Komodo National Park and other islands around.

There is a international airport which is called Komodo airport, become the main airport for access flights from abroad and domestic. In the west part of it's a harbor where all the boats depart to explore Komodo  National Park. Inter – island ferry and passenger boat are come and depart from the same port also. From the airport only one kilometer away and it’s take ten minutes to get harbor of Labuan Bajo. The layout of the city is overlooking to the sea with green hilly of background. Bukit Cinta and Puncak Waringin is the favorite place in the hillside to enjoy the view of Labuan Bajo City. Here is also the center of accommodations like homestay, bungalow, guest house, villas, hotel and restaurants. In other part there is shopping center, local and night market, fishing village, government and private office centers. From Labuan Bajo is the easy way and close to Mirror Stone Cave and several others nearby tourist attraction by car or motorbike. If you plan to take a vacation and explore the island of Komodo you can use the services of  as boat charter agency in Labuan Bajo.

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