Long beach

Long Beach is the unique beach with pink sands which is located in Padar island. it's the longest pink beach in Komodo National Park west of Flores

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Long Beach - Padar Island - Labuan Bajo


Long beach is located in Padar Island west of Flores Island. It’s the longest red beach in Komodo National Park, and to reach here its take two hours by boat from Labuan Bajo port. Long Beach is famous with red sand beach like pink beach in komodo national park.


The uniqueness of Long Beach is reddish pink sand beach, clear sea water and the beautiful under water life. Reddish pink color happen because most of the corals here is pink color, which broke hit under the waves and being dragged onto the beach. But other sources said that pink color is comes from microorganisms named foraminifera. Foraminifera is orange color and mixed with the sand on the beach so that is turns pink. The expanse of savanna hills and natural panorama around it can spoil your eyes

What activities can be done here?

Long beach is become a favorite place for snorkeling, swimming and diving. The crystal clear sea water makes anyone who doing snorkeling or diving in this place will feel at home. Beside that you can spend some of your time on the beach to take a leisurely or laydown relaxing while taking a photo


Your first preparation is to order a boat to take you there. You may order the boat with komodotouboat.com is a best boat charter agency in Labuan Bajo . . Don’t forget to bring the camera, change of clothing, sunglass, sunblock, phone charger, mosquito repellent ctc.



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