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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Komodo National Park

Posted by Anzi B on Jun 13 2021
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Komodo National Park which is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores is one of the destinations that you must visit at least once in your lifetime! Why? Because the National Park which covers an area of ​​about 2,000 km2 has millions of charms that can make tourists fall in love and want to come back again. What are those?

1. Can Take a Closer Look at Komodo Dragons in their Natural Habitat

Komodo National Park

Commonly you can only see pictures of Komodo dragons on the magazine or your cellphone screen, then this is the time for you to see this natural wonder firsthand. Komodo National Park is home to around 2,500 Komodo dragons. You will be amazed, seeing this ancient animal with a length of 3 meters and a weight of about 70 kg and even more directly. Even so, you can only see this animal from a distance of 300 meters, because the Komodo dragon is a wild animal. In addition, his saliva also contains poison. So, you need to stay alert. This kind of experience, you can only find in Flores - Indonesia

2. Besides Komodo, There are much other Fauna

Deer Timor at Komodo National Park

In addition to being the original habitat of the Komodo dragon, it turns out that Komodo National Park is also home to various other types of fauna. Several types of mammals live on lands, such as horses, buffalo, and Timor deer, reptile species, 12 species of snakes, and 9 species of lizards. In addition to fauna that lives on land, the biodiversity in this area also includes fauna that lives in the waters. Komodo National Park holds about 1000 species of fish, 10 types of dolphins, 7 species of whales, and also green turtles. Not only that, but 40 birds are also residents of the Komodo National Park. So, your insight into the life of the fauna with a vacation in this area will increase.

3. World Class Diving Paradise

Scuba Diving at Komodo National Park

It's not complete to visit Komodo National Park without exploring its underwater charm. Komodo National Park is located right in the heart of the Asia Pacific coral triangle, making it one of the richest underwater paradises in the world. In this area, there are at least 100 world-class dive sites that have always been the target of divers, scientists, and professional photographers from all over the world. With a stretch of colorful coral reefs, a variety of fish species that inhabit this area, including the main attraction of interacting directly with manta rays, sharks, and dugongs, diving in Komodo National Park will be an unforgettable holiday experience. !

4. It's Unique Climate and Geography

Komodo National Park - Underwater Life

The climate around Komodo National Park tends to be dry, this makes the hill land drier and rocky. No wonder this area is very suitable to be used as a trekking area because the hills are quite steep and challenging. Even so, the exotic land in Komodo National Park blends perfectly with the beauty of the sea so mesmerizing. This view is what makes Komodo National Park special!

5. Hobby of Climbing? There is Padar Island ready to be conquered

Padar Island - Komodo National Park

For those of you who like climbing, Padar Island in Komodo National Park is the right spot to conquer! It only takes about 2 to 3 hours with the rocky road climbing terrain, you can reach the top of the hill on Padar Island. Fatigue will disappear instantly when you arrive at the top of the hill. The beautiful scenery that is presented on Padar Island seen from a height is second to none. The expanse of the open sea looks like a diamond sparkling due to the sun's rays. Calm waves are also able to provide peace of mind and soul. It will be even more perfect if you come here while hunting for a sunset panorama. Don't forget to capture this special moment with a camera shot.

6. Charming Pink Beach

Pink Beach - Komodo National Park

When you come to this area, don't forget to visit the beach that is being hit on social media. It's called Pink Beach! Yes, as the name suggests, this beach does have pink sand. This pink color comes from the combination of white sand with red coral degradation. Taking pictures on this beach is mandatory, especially if you are photographed using a drone. The view of the blue sea combined with the green of the surrounding nature looks very instagrammable, anyway!

7. Traditional Village on Mesa Island

Traditional Village - Mesa Island

This is something that must also be included in your bucket-list when visiting Komodo National Park, namely stopping by a traditional village on Mesa Island whose residents are known to be friendly. When visiting this village, you can see up close the daily activities of the residents, such as drying cucumbers, processing fish, and preparing seafood. Don't hesitate to talk to them.

8. Beautiful Sunset Panorama on Kalong Island

Kalong Island - Komodo National Park

Panorama sunset is the main attraction on Kalong Island. How not, when the day is approaching dusk, you will be treated to an enchanting view by watching thousands of bats flying in the sky towards the mangrove forest with a stunning sunset background. Anyway, the beauty of this atmosphere is only in Indonesia.

9. Snorkeling in Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island - Komodo National Park

If you like snorkeling, Kanawa Island, which is located in Komodo National Park, has the perfect snorkeling spot. Again, when you stop by Kanawa Island, get ready to be fascinated by the beauty of the underwater world which is truly captivating. The cristal water allows you to clearly see the colors of coral reefs, a variety of marine life, and various types of fish.

10. Complete Tour on Rinca Island

Rinca Island - Komodo National Park

You can find quite complete attractions on Rinca Island. This island is the target of tourists because it can carry out various activities at once, such as exploring unspoiled mangrove forests, seeing wild animals such as Komodo dragons, Timor deer, wild buffalo, long-tailed monkeys, and many more on the expanse of the savanna. Anyway, don't miss visiting Rinca Island when you have the opportunity to visit Komodo National Park!

If likened to, Komodo National Park gives you a complete tour, starting from trekking to the hills, seeing wildlife, relaxing on the beach, to diving into the underwater beauty. So, don't forget to include Komodo National Park in your list of vacation destinations.

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